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     Stain glass artist use mullers for mixing color for stain glass painting.


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  Glass Mullers by Art Boards™ Art Supply are made in the USA. Custom folding screens for art.
Custom Made folding screens for holding paintings. 
Mahogany Screen is hinged to fold in either direction. The above screen holds 4 separate paintings that were painted on canvas. The paintings were then mounted on to panel by Art Boards™.  The paintings are mounted using an archival conservators adhesive. The screens can be opened to access the paintings. The paintings can be removed from the screens and other paintings could be installed in their place. The adhesive used to mount the art is reversible. So the painting can also be removed from the panel if necessary for art conservation in the future.






  Folding screens assembled width art work not yet installed.
Art Boards™
Art Screens are designed and custom made for the

designer, and art collector for holding and displaying art.

Art Boards™ folding screens can be made in any size, wood, or finish.


  .Screens for holding art can hinge in either direction


  Art Boards folding screens for art are Individually made by hand. They are made for artists, interior designers, and architects who want to have their paintings and designs in folding screens. Call 800 546 7985 for more information.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or full refund on All Orders placed with Art Boards™.

100%  Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund on All Orders.


Art Boards ships internationally.

Art Boards™ Artist Materials makes glass mullers.

Made in the USA


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