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      Art Storage System is for storing art; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, stretched canvas, drawings, framed art, and more.

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Art Boards™ Archival Watercolor mounted panels will hang with or without framing. Arches Hot Press Paper Mounted Art Panels

Made by Art Boards™  Archival Art Supply.


Arches Hot Press Paper is archivally mounted to 3/8" thick Artist Panel.

Picture shows the clean perfectly cut edge of the hot press paper mounted art panel.

Arches Hot Press paper mounted painting & drawing surface is archivally mounted and mounting is reversible.


Arches Hot Press Watercolor paper is mounted to Natural Fiber Art Panels
with a reversible, archival conservators' adhesive, creating a complete waterproof  barrier between the panel and the paper

Smooth Hot Press Arches Paper is acid free, ph neutral, and made from 100% cotton fibers.  The Art Boards™ Hot Press Painting Panels are available in 20 stock sizes. Custom size watercolor panels are available as large as 4" x 10'.




Art Boards™
Hot Press Watercolor Panels

Sizes, Prices, and Buy Online.




Item #

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  AHP-23          2"  x   3" $  2.25 Buy AHP 2x3
  AHP-33          3"  x   3" $  4.75 Buy AHP 3x3
  AHP-44          4"  x   4" $  6.40 Buy AHP 4x4
  AHP-55          5"  x   5" $  7.20 Buy AHP 5x5
  AHP-57          5"  x   7" $  8.04 Buy AHP 5x7
  AHP-66          6"  x   6" $  8.52 Buy AHP 6x6
  AHP-68          6"  x   6" $10.23 Buy AHP 6x8
  AHP-88          8"  x   8" $11.39 Buy AHP 8x8
  AHP-810          8"  x  10" $14.13 Buy AHP 8x10
  AHP-912          9"  x  12" $16.81 Buy AHP 9x12
  AHP-1010        10"  x  10" $18.48 Buy AHP 10x10
  AHP-1212        12"  x  12" $21.60 Buy AHP12x12
  AHP-1114        11"  x  14" $24.73 Buy AHP 11x14
  AHP-1216        12"  x  16" $27.68 Buy AHP 12x16
  AHP-1020        10"  x   20" $32.95 Buy AHP 10x20
  AHP-1418        14"  x  18" $34.97 Buy AHP 14x18
  AHP-1616        16"  x  16" $37.63 Buy AHP 16x16
  AHP-1224        12"  x   24" $41.09 Buy AHP 12x24
  AHP-1620        16"  x   20" $42.55 Buy AHP 16x20
  AHP-1818        18"  x  18" $47.12 Buy AHP 18x18
  AHP-1824        18"  x  24" $49.42 Buy AHP 18x24
  AHP-2020        20"  x  20" $54.54 Buy AHP 20x20


Panels hang with or without framing from the dovetail hanging slots.

Art Boards™ Archival Mounting Panels are also available for artists
to mount the paper or canvas of their choice or for mounting finished art.

Custom size hot press art panels are available as large as 48" x 120".




100%  Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund on All Orders.

Art Storage System for making art, storing art and art supplies.

Art Storage Systems for Storing Art

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Art Boards™ or full refund on All Orders.

Made in the USA

Art Boards™ Archival Water Color Supply Store.

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