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      Art panels for painting, drawings, prints, and more.

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Fine Artist Supplies for making Paintings made in Brooklyn, in the USA by Art Boards™ Art Supply.
Art Boards™
Artist Materials produces the

perfect back for the archival painting surface.

  Recessed Hanging Slot for hanging art. Art Boards™ Art Panel Hangs in either direction with or without framing. Art Boards™ Archvival Art Panels hang without framing.    

Art Boards™ Natural Maple Art Panel has an
Uncradled back with dovetailed hanging slots.


Art Boards™ unique hanging slots enable the artist to hang their panel in either direction while working on their painting, or in the final presentation. This means that a single nail or screw in the wall is all that is needed to secure the painting to the wall. There is no need to frame, use picture wire or screw eyes. The panel can also be easily framed.

The hanging slot interlocks with the nail or screw to keep the panel snug to the wall.
The panel hangs flush to the wall, parallel and tight. The artist panel will not tilt away at the top causing it to angle away from the wall. 

The horizontal slot makes it easy to level. Simply slide the panel to either side left or right until it hangs level, even collages with un-equal weight distribution will level easily. The unique interlocking design holds the panel to the wall. Holding tight to the wall will help prevent damage to the painting. If a painting is not entirely secure to the wall it can be accidentally knocked off to hit the floor. Such an impact can cause irreparable damage. 

For more information on how to hang the art panel; see the detail drawing of the dovetailed hanging slots 

Maple Painting Panels are finely sanded and ready for Art Boards Panel Gesso.

Natural Maple Uncradled Painting Panels from Art Boards™ Artist Materials

Archival Painting Panels for Making Art. Call Art Boards™ for custom size painting panels 800 546 7985. Art Boards™ Archival Painting Panels. Archival Wood Painting Supports for artist to paint on.

Archival Painting Panels for Making Art


Art Boards™ Guarantees Satisfaction for all painting panels.!

100%  Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund on All Orders.

Art Panels are m
ade in Brooklyn New York, USA.

by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.

Price List & Panel Sizes

Archival Art panels for the visual artist to make paintings.

Art Boards™ Archival Art Supplies

Located in Brooklyn in the USA.

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