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      Custom Archival Art Mounting  of paintings, drawings, prints, photos, and more.

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  Archival Art Mounting of paintings, drawings, digital prints, and photographs by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply. Archival Mounting by Art Boards™
Custom Mounting of Artworks on to Panel.
  Damaged portrait oil painting archivally mounted on to panel.  
  Below is an unfinished painting that was removed from its stretchers, rolled up and stored.  Due to improper storage it had been crushed, creased, and severely wrinkled.  The artist sent the painting to us to mount in hopes that it would flatten out so that she could go back and finish painting the portrait.  
Damaged portrait under painting painted in oils.

This photo above shows the damaged underpainting before mounting.

  Mounted underpainting painted in oils to Archival Art Panel.

The photo above shows the damaged underpainting after Art Boards™ mounted the painting and cradled the back for support.  The portrait underpainting is now perfectly flat and protected from future damage. 
The oil painting has no wrinkles or creases in the surface.


Portrait painting is successfully restored ready to ship.

The oil painting is mounted, successfully restored, and ready to ship.

  Art is mounted using an archival conservators adhesive.  The art mounting is reversible, so paintings can be removed from the panel
for art conservation
in the future.

mounting of drawings, paintings, prints, and photographs.

See Art Boards™ Art Storage System for storing finished art.

Archival Art Mounting to Panel by Art Boards™,  located in Brooklyn New York, USA.

Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply

Archival Mounting of Art in Brooklyn NY, USA.


How to archivally mount  digital prints,  drawings,  paintings, and photographs.

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