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      Art Storage System is for storing art; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, stretched canvas, drawings, framed art, and more.



Artist Gesso made specifically for painting on panels and paper. The acrylic gesso that performs like traditional gesso for making art.  
Superior Quality Artist Gesso

Made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.

  The Best Gesso for painting, drawing, and making art. Gesso made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply for artists working on panels. Artist Gesso for painting on panels performs like a classic traditional gesso. Made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.
  Acrylic Artist Gesso is made for rigid painting surfaces  

Art Boards™ Artist Panel Gesso is specially formulated for use on wood panels and panels mounted with paper or canvas. 

It is the ready to use premium ground that completely seals the surface and perfectly prepares panels and papers for painting and drawing.

Art Boards Artist Panel Gesso is high in refined solids with a “triple-cream consistency”.

The creamy consistency allows for an easy time covering surfaces.  Gesso spreads out quickly and evenly in thick or thin coats, giving incredible coverage in a single application. 

Art Boards™ Acrylic Artist Gesso is made for rigid surfaces. It sands smooth when preparing the surface for making paintings and drawings.

The white gesso covers easily without leaving obstructive brush marks or having to rework areas. 

It also smoothes out perfectly when applied with a knife, and will hold a desired texture if brushed & cross brushed.  The gesso needs no thinning, but when mixed with water or paint it disperses quickly and evenly.  It dries fast without leaving air bubbles or producing cracks, and it is the best sanding artist gesso ever made.


Art Boards “Acrylic Panel Artist Gesso” is unlike any other acrylic gesso.

Art Boards Gesso has a classic traditional quality like no other modern acrylic gesso. It is specifically designed for use on rigid surfaces, not for flexible stretched canvas.  Its balance is carefully formulated to have more refined dry solids and less acrylic polymers.  This perfect balance produces a smooth gesso surface that you can feel, one that allows for true interaction with the initial painting.



  • Art Boards™ Panel Gesso performs like a classic traditional gesso.

  • A superb gesso that provides a vellum-like eggshell surface.

  • The gesso has a warm white tone that is brilliant and highly reflective.

  • Panel Gesso is high in refined solids with a triple-cream consistency.

  • This gesso spreads quickly and evenly giving exceptional coverage.

  • It provides a receptive and responsive surface that interacts with paint.

  • Gessoed surface dries quickly, is readily absorbent and is easily sanded.

  • Panel gesso will not crack or leave air bubbles when applied properly.

  • To order Art Boards™ Superior Artist Gesso click here.


Panel Gesso performs like an oil primer or traditional gesso.

Art Boards™ Gesso is not another plastic like gesso that paints just sit on. When dry, the gesso is easy to sand and readily absorbent, creating a surface that is receptive and responsive with a warm and brilliant color. Gesso can be easily tinted if a darker colored painting ground is desired.

Art Boards™ Superior Panel Gesso is the best gesso for using oil paints and acrylic painting, encaustics, egg tempera, watercolors, gouache, casein, pastels, silver point, charcoals, colored pencil, pen and ink, air brush, and more.

For artists who want to create the very best surface for painting and drawing.

With oil paints it performs like an oil primer or traditional gesso. There is no beading when using water base materials and it takes watercolor as if it were paper. It also mixes well with casein paints. Pastels, charcoal, and pencil work and rework beautifully into the gesso surface. It is the perfect ground for all painting and drawing materials including; oils, acrylics, egg tempera, casein, gouache, watercolor, encaustics, murals, pastels, charcoal, colored pencil, silverpoint, pen & ink, airbrush, and more.


Acrylic Gesso made for Rigid Painting Surfaces made is in Brooklyn byArt Boards™ Archival Art Supply.

Panel Gesso performs superbly on all rigid surfaces.

Art Boards is dedicated to making the highest quality panel gesso for use on our complete line of archival painting supports. The artist gesso performs superbly on all rigid surfaces including wood panels, mounted raw and pre-primed canvas, and mounted drawing and printmaking papers. In fact the gesso nearly disappears when laid down on paper leaving the original texture of the paper.

For artists doing decorative painting, painting murals, and faux finishing.

Painters use the mural gesso directly on the wall as the ground for painting murals. The gesso adheres well to unprimed sheet rock or plaster walls. It sands to a smooth surface without loading up the sandpaper providing an excellent painting ground for making murals on walls.  Art Boards™ Gesso gives decorative painters and faux finishers more control when building layers and making subtle glazes. Smoother mural paintings catch less dirt, are easier to clean, and look better.

Gesso coated art panels are also available from Art Boards.

Superbly made gesso panels coated with Art Boards™ Panel Gesso can be ordered in stock and custom sizes. To learn more see Gesso Panels,  to place orders call 800 546 7985.

  Art Boards Artist Gesso sizes; 4 oz, 8 oz,16 oz, 32 oz.    
  Art Boards™  4 oz. Gesso Ground for Artist to make prepair panels to paint on.
Gesso - 1/4 pint
4 oz. gesso $ 7.28 Buy PG- 04 Gesso
  AcrylicPanel  Gesso for wood panels 16 oz.
Gesso - 1 pint
16 oz. gesso $ 20.20 Buy PG- 16 Gesso
  Artist Gesso for painting panels by Art Boards™ Archival Supply 32 oz container.
Gesso - 1 quart
 32 oz. gesso $ 30.16 Buy PG- 32 Gesso
100%  Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund on All Gesso Orders.

Superior Artist Gesso Made in Brooklyn by Art Boards™ Superior Quality Artist Materials.

Art Boards ships internationally.


The Art Storage System is for storing finr art; paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. Made and shipped in Brooklyn by Art Boards™ Archival Art Storage Systems.

Art Boards Art Storage System for storing art;

paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, photographs, and art supplies.


The Art Storage System by Art Boards™.

Made in Brooklyn, USA.

Artist Gesso made for making Art by Art Boards™ is proudly made in Brooklyn NY, USA.

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