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  Canvas Stretchers made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.  

Canvas Stretchers



  Round Wood Canvas Stretcher.Round Wood Canvas StretchersOval Wood Canvas Stretcher.Oval Wood Canvas StretcherRound & Oval Canvas Artist Stretchers for stretching canvas & linen.  




The "Natural Fiber Round and Oval Canvas Stretchers" are one inch thick.
The Stretcher Bar is made of double refined natural wood fibers. The canvas stretcher is cut from one continuous piece and it has no seams or joints. The wooden canvas stretchers are extremely sturdy and light in weight. The stretchers will not warp or twist as the artist stretches their canvas making it the perfect support for stretching canvas for round and oval paintings. Art Boards™ also makes custom size canvas stretchers.


store paintings on canvas stretchers see

Art Boards™
Art Storage System.

Adjustable shelves for safe storing of paintings. Art storage has djustable shelving for storing any size painting. Art Storage System for storing art both framed un-framed. Painting rack for storing round, oval, and square paintings and stretched canvas. Art Storage for storing paintings and art supplies. Art Storage work surface for painting, drawing, organizing, and storing art. Art storage system for paint, paper, canvas and brushes. Art supply storage for all drawing and painting art materials. The Art Storage system is for storing paintings.

Art Storage Systems

How to store paintings on canvas stretchers. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed or full refund on All Canvas Stretcher orders.

100%  Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund on All Canvas Stretchers Ordered.

Art Boards
Canvas Stretchers

Made in the USA

Wooden Canvas Stretcher Bars made by Art Boards™ in the USA.

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