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        Art Storage System is for storing art; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, stretched canvas, drawings, framed art, and more.



    Satisfaction Guaranteed with Art Boards™ Mounting Panels or full refund on All Art Mounting Panel Orders.

  How to mount art to archival art panel by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply. Archival Art Mounting Panels by Art Boards™

Art Mounting Panels are archival & reversible.

  Archival mounting of art on paper to to archival art panels. Archival Art Mounting Panels for mounting art; Paintings, Drawings, Prints, and Photos.



  For archival mounting of finished artwork, paper, and canvas.    
  The mounting surface has a heat activated reversible conservators adhesive.  Artwork is easily mounted with heat and light pressure.  Art Mounting Panels have slots in the back to hang art in either direction without the need for framing.


Art Mounting Video


How to mount works of art, prints, drawings, and paintings, paper or canvas.


Art Mounting Panels have a protective film of mylar.

Remove film from to expose smooth non-tacky pre-glued art mounting surface.

The art mounting panel has a reversible archival adhesive surface for mounting art.


Remove protective film from the adhesive side of the mounting panel.


Apply paper, canvas, or any finished work of art to be mounted.

Art to be mounted is slightly larger than the Art Mounting Panel for ease of allignment.

Lay down the art work on to the archival art mounting panel.


Apply surface to be mounted; A painting, drawing, print, photo, fresh paper or raw canvas.


Place a clean cover sheet over the art that is to be mounted on the Art Boards™ Art Mounting Panel. to be mounted.

The cover sheet protects the art to be mounted on the panel.

Archival Artist Mounting Panels for Mounting Art.


Place a clean cover sheet of paper over the surface that is being mounted.


Quickly move the hot iron over the cover sheet to adhere the art to the mounting panel.

Move the hot iron over the cover sheet to heat the panel so that the art will be mounted to the panel.

Keep breif pressure on the art after heating untill it feels warm but not hot.


Move a heated iron over the cover sheet to adhere the art to the mounting panel.

  Turn the art mounting panel face down to trim off excess paper or canvas. Trim the mounted art flush to the Art Mounting Panel. Trim off all four edges and the art and then the mounted art on the panel is complete and ready for hanging.
  Place the panel face down and trim off the excess using the edge of the panel as a guide.



For archival mounting of art: prints, drawings, and paintings. And for mounting of canvas, linens, and papers for making art.


Mounted art can be removed at any time for art conservation.

Art Mounting Panels hang flush on the wall with or without framing.


Archival Mounting Panels are for mounting all art work, paintings & drawings.

  • mounting linen

  • mounting canvas

  • mounting pastel paper

  • mounting watercolor paper

  • mounting hand made paper

  • mounting charcoal paper

  • mounting vellum paper

  • mounting drawing papers

  • mounting calligraphy paper



Mounting Panels are for artist to archivally mount any surface to make art on.

  • mounted linen

  • mounted canvas

  • mounted pastel paper

  • mounted watercolor paper

  • mounted hand made paper

  • mounted charcoal paper

  • mounting vellum paper

  • mounting drawing papers

  • mounting calligraphy paper



Mounting Panels for mounting printmaking prints

  • mount etching prints

  • mount lithographs

  • mount mono prints

  • mount woodcut prints

  • mount engraving prints

  • mount printmaking proofs


  • mount intaglio prints

  • mount photographs

  • mount digital prints




Art Mounting Panels are Archival and Reversible.

Price list, sizes, and buy online




Archival Mounting Panels made in 12 stock s
izes & in any custom size.


   NFMP Item # 

    Exact Size


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       2"x 3"

$  2.15

Buy NFMP 2x3



       3"x 3"

$  4.35

Buy NFMP 3x3



       4"x 4"

$  6.05

Buy NFMP 4x4



       5"x 5"

$  6.82

Buy NFMP 5x5



       5"x 7"

$  7.78

Buy NFMP 5x7



 5.75" x 5.75"

$  8.06

Buy NFMP 6x6



 5.75"  x 7.75"

$  9.55

Buy NFMP 6x8



 7.75"  x  7.75"


Buy NFMP 8x8



 7.75"  x  9.75"


Buy NFMP 8x10



 8.75"  x 11.75"


Buy NFMP 9x12



 9.75"  x   9.75"


Buy NFMP 10x10



11.75" x 11.75"


Buy NFMP 12x12



10.75" x 13.75"


Buy NFMP 11x14



11.75" x 15.75"


Buy NFMP 12x16


Art Boards™ Archival Art Mounting Panels

Can be ordered in many sizes and shapes.

100%  Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund on All Orders.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Art Boards™ Mounting Panels or full refund on All Art Mounting Panel Orders.

Art Boards™

Archival Art Mounting Panels for

Prints, Drawings, Paintings, and Collage.

Custom Size Mounting Panels are available.

Custom Shaped Art Mounting Panels can be made.



Art Boards™ can custom mount many art sizes and shapes on a variety of archival surfaces for the artist.
Custom mounting of art includes drawings, oil paintings, watercolors, prints, photographs, digital prints on papers, and paintings made on paper, canvas, and linens. 

Art on paper can also be mounted on canvas, linen, and papers and then mounted to Art Boards™ archival panels.  Art Boards™ mounts small and large art archivally on to panel.

Paintings and drawings mounted to Panel,

can be any weight paper including synthetic art papers like Yupo and silk. Archival mounting can be done before or after the art is made.  Art mounting is reversible.  Art can be removed from the substrate if ever needed for future conservation of the art.

For custom size mounting panels & custom art mounting call Art Boards™ for questions: 800 546 7985.

Click to see a artist's print being mounted on a mounting panel.


Modular Art Storage System rolls on locking wheels. Art Storage System is for storing mounted art, drawings, paintings, and  prints.

For storing all art; drawings, paintings, prints, and photos.

See Art Boards™ Archival Art Storage Systems.

Archival Art Mounting for artists, art collectors, galleries, and art museums.

Art Boards™ Archival Art Supplies and archival

Art Mounting Panels are made in Brooklyn, in the USA.

How to archivally mount a digital print, a drawing, or a painting.

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