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  Printmaking engraving blocks for artist to wood engrave and make artist prints.

Art Boards™ Wood Engraving Supplies

Wood Engraving Blocks of End Grain Maple

  Maple End grain Wood Engraving Block is .918" thick for artist wood engraving. Letterpress Type High Wood Engraving Block made by Art Boards™ Printmaking Arts Supply. Wood End Grain Engraving Block for printmaking made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply  

The origins of wood engraving date back as early as the 17th and 18th-century.


Like Typesetting, wood engraving is a relief process, the lines to be printed remain in the block after the areas in between the lines are cut away.  The raised uncut areas and lines of the block will hold the ink and print, the wood that is cut away will not.  The print is made when the raised wood makes contact with the printing paper.


Wood Engraving differs from woodcut in both tools and materials used.


The graver and the burin, tools associated with intaglio engraving, are employed, and the carving is done on the end grain, not the face of the plank grain. The tight end grain of the engraving block allows for finer lines and a wider range of tonal effects.


Art Boards™ end grain engraving blocks are made from carefully selected Maple Hardwood.


The hard maple is jointed perfectly strait then cut and glued together using water proof glue to form the sections of the end grain printing blocks. The wood engraving block is dimensioned to .918 inches thick.  The wood block is then finely sanded for wood engraving and printing. The engraving block can be printed in a letterpress or by hand.


Printmaking Prints can be archivally mounted and hung without framing by using Art Boards™ Archival Art Mounting Panels.

Archival Art Mounting Panels are for mounting printmaking prints can be made in any size.


Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply also does custom archival art mounting of
Printmaking prints, drawings, and paintings of any size on a variety of surfaces.


Art Mounting of any size art work can be mounted by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.



    Wood Engraving Printing Blocks

Printmaking Wood Engraving Blocks

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For Art Storage of Printmaking Prints and Paintings

see the Art Storage System by Art Boards™

Art Print Storage Printmaking Studio Art Storage System for stoing prints and paintings.

The Art Storage System

for storing art prints, drawings, and paintings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or full refund on All Printmaking Orders.

Art Boards™ Products

 are all made in the USA.

Art Boards™ Archival Printmaking supplies.

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