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      Art Storage System is for storing art; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, stretched canvas, drawings, framed art, and more.


Art Boards™ Archival Art Panels for painting, drawing, printmaking, and mounting art.

Archival Painting Panels

by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply


Glossary Term : Panel Painting

Most surviving paintings from the 13th to the early 16th century are painted on wooden panels. 

The wood most widely used in Italy was poplar, but in the Netherlands, France and England oak panels were most common.  Lime, beech, chestnut and cherry as well as oak were used in Germany and Austria.  Walnut and pine, and sometimes cherry and other fruit woods, were also used in Italy for panels.



  Your choice of painting surface can have a profound effect on the success of your art.

Creating as much impact as paint or technique.  Most cracked paint seen in completed paintings results from some type of movement in the painting support.

Art Boards™ art panels protect your artwork from damage,

caused by the flexing and cracking of paint films, and the solid structure prevents the surface from being accidentally dented, torn or damaged by mishandling.

Wood art panels are more permanent than flexible fabric.

A properly prepared Art Board painting panel will have a longer life than stretched canvas or other thin flexible supports.

Painting on wood panels far surpasses painting on canvas.  

Art Boards™ smooth reflective surface refracts light differently than canvas, making colors more brilliant and vibrant.  The firm consistent surface is perfect for smooth blending of colors, fine brushwork, and minute detail.





Art Boards™ Archival Artist Panels

Natural Maple Artist Panels:

Natural Maple’s top surface is made of hand selected Maple hardwood veneer with a painting surface that has a consistent tight wood grain.  Great care is taken to ensure that this surface is free of knots, seams or voids.  The Panel’s durability and strength come from the100% Aspen hardwood center core and cross bands. 

The 5 layer construction prevents movement, waterproof glue keeps each layer from expanding and contracting.  The rigid painting surface and structural integrity make this panel ideal for any painting medium or application. 

All art panels are meticulously sanded and ready for Art Boards Panel Gesso.

Every art panel is cut perfectly square and to exact dimensions, with edges that are clean and crisp. 

Art Boards are engineered to securely mount flush to the wall. They securely hang without picture wire, or picture frames. They easily hang on a single screw or nail in our dovetail hanging slot or from the art panels cradle back.  

The rigid surface is perfect for all painting mediums, including Plein Air, collage, oils, acrylics, egg tempera, encaustic, watercolor, pastels, icon painting, frescoes panels, miniature painting, pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, pastels, gouache, airbrush, mounting of prints and works on paper, and as a backboard for mosaics.



Natural Maple Uncradled Art Panel 

The ½ “ panel is stiff and will not bend. Panel has recessed slots in the back for easy hanging in either direction with out the need for framing or hanging wire.

Archival Artist Panels made of Natural Maple and are uncradled. Art Panels have a 5 layers hardwood construction.


Natural Maple Cradled Art Panel  

The1” cradled panel has a double thick construction.  The wood cradle on the back acts as a brace for extra support.  Which provides a convenient lip for hanging and increases structural integrity

All panel surfaces are maple including the 1” thick sides. There are no unfinished plywood edges that will be seen on the side of the painting, only finely sanded maple veneer. The Cradled back has recessed slots to hang art flush on the wall securely. Maple Art Panels are made in the USA by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.


All panel surfaces are maple including the 1” thick sides. There are no unfinished plywood edges that will be seen on the side of the painting, only finely sanded maple veneer. The Cradled back has recessed slots to hang art flush on the wall securely. Maple Art Panels are made in the USA by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.


Natural Maple Round Art Panel  

The ¾” maple panel is cut in a perfect circle.  There is a single recessed slot in the back for easy hanging.  The Maple Painting surface is finely sanded.

Art Boards™ Round Artist Panels have recessed hanging slots for hanging tondo art without framing. Natural Maple Round Art Panels with hanging slots for making round paintings.


Natural Fiber Uncradled Art Panel

The Natural Fiber Art Panel has a solid core construction of double refined wood fibers.  The rigid 3/8” art panel will not flex or bend and has slots in the back for easy hanging in either direction.  The finely sanded painting surface is completely smooth with no wood grain and ready for Panel Gesso.

Natural Fiber Uncradled Painting Panels have a perfectly smooth painting surface.




Art Boards Paper Mounted Artist Panels

Arches paper is mounted on the art panel with a reversible archival conservator's adhesive.  The archival adhesive forms a complete waterproof barrier between the paper and the artist's panel.  The reversible archival mounting insures that the paper can be removed from panel with out damage to the artwork in the future for conservation of the art.

Arches Watercolor Papers are mounted Art Boards™  3/8"  artist panels.


Art Board
s™ paper mounted panels hang with or without framing. 

Paper Mounted Art Panels have hanging slots in the back to hang art in either direction.  The artist panels are for drawing and painting, they are mounted with Arches 156 lb. archival papers which are made of 100% cotton fibers.  The paper is ph neutral and acid free.  Art Boards™ paper mounted art panels will not buckle when wet with water and will also gesso beautifully if desired.

The paper mounted art panels come in three different surfaces: 

Arches Hot Press Paper has a very smooth painting surface.

Arches Cold Press Paper has a medium textured tooth.

Arches Rough Paper has a more pronounced texture.





Primed Canvas Covered Artists Panels

The finest cotton and linen canvas are primed and adhered to the Natural Fiber Artist Panels with a reversible conservators adhesive. 

This archival adhesive forms a complete water proof acrylic barrier between the canvas and the artist panel. 

The reversible mounting allows the canvas to be removed from panel with out damage to the art work for art conservation.

Primed Canvas and Linen mounted art panels for making paintings.


Art Boards™ Canvas Mounted Artists Panels have slots in the back for easy hanging in either direction.

Canvas mounted panels hang with or without framing.  Primed Linen and primed canvases are archivally mounted on wooden art panels.



The linen and canvas mounted art panels come in three different surfaces:



Oil Primed Belgium Linen Artist Panels - Claessens Double oil primed portrait linen.



Gesso Primed Cotton Canvas Artists Panels - Medium weight acrylic gesso primed cotton canvas



Oil Primed Portrait Cotton Canvas Artists Panels - Fine portrait grade oil primed cotton canvas





Gesso Artists Panels

Art Boards™ gesso coated art panels are 3/8" thick and formaldehyde free.  Both sides of the panel are sanded and gessoed.  Each side is coated with gesso to create balance, insuring that the gesso panel will stay flat and true.

Art Boards™ Panel Gesso is specifically formulated for rigid surfaces.  It completely seals and perfectly prepares the panel to accept paint.  The gesso is evenly sprayed and meticulous sanded between each coat, producing an ultra smooth multi-layered surface that is the perfect surface for painting.

Art Boards™ Gesso Coated Panels hang without framing.




Archival Mounting Panels

For archival mounting of finished artwork, paper, & canvas.  The mounting panel surface has a heat activated reversible archival adhesive.  Artwork is easily mounted or removed with heat and light pressure.  The mounting panel has slots in the back for easy hanging in either direction without needing to be framed.

Archival Art Mounting Panels are pre-glued with a heat activated art mounting adhesive.




Plein Air Artist Painting Panels

Art Boards™ light weight ultra thin plein air painting panels are 1/16" thick and made in 3 different surfaces. 

Acrylic gessoed cotton canvas, oil primed Claessens linen, and gesso panels coated with Art Boards™ Superior Quality Panel Gesso

The canvas and linen is mounted with reversible conservators adhesive.  The gesso panels are coated on both sides for balance.  Perfect for the plein air artist who wants premium light weight panels that will occupy a minimum of space.

Plein Air Artist Panels are 1/16" thick for making art.


1/16" Plein Air Art Panels are available in three different surfaces:



Plein Air - Primed Claessens Belgium Linen



Plein Air - Acrylic Gessoed Cotton Canvas



Plein Air - Gessoed with Art Boards™ Panel Gesso





The Art Storage System

Art Boards™
Art Storage System is for storing any size artwork.

It is modular, expandable, adjustable, and on wheels.  Additional sections, shelves and drawers are ordered as needed to expand the art storage system to any desired size.  It can be ordered in single or multiple sections

Art Storage System for storing art; paintings, drawings, and more.






Sculpture Bases and Pedestals

Art Bases for the display of fine artwork, sculpture and decorative objects.
Art Boards™ Sculpture Pedestals are made in opaque painted finishes and in natural woods sprayed with clear lacquer. Sculpture stands are custom made in any size for the presentation of art.

Art Boards Art Sculpture bases are made for any size object.




100%  Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund on All Orders

Satisfaction Guaranteed or full refund on All Art Boards Orders.

Art Boards™ Archival Art Supplies

Made in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Art Boards™  enables the artist to use an unlimited range of techniques and materials.

Custom size large art panels are available

Art Boards™
ships internationally

Art Boards™ Archival Painting Panels for making and mounting art.

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