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Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.

The Cradled Back of the

Natural Maple Artist Panel.


  Natural Maple Cradled Back 1" thick 10 layer laminated art panels edge. I/2" thick maple cradle glued to a 1/2" thick maple painting panel. Art Boards™ Maple Cradled Painting Panel is 1" thick.  
Natural Maple Cradled Art Board.

Art Boards™
art materials work in harmony with each other.  We use the same 1/2" thick materiel for the wooden cradle as the for the front panel.  We do this because it is the most stable way to balance a cradled painting panel. 

In addition to the front 1/2" thick face panel there is a second framework of five layers.  This wood framework, which is called a cradle, is an extra support.  The Cradled Art Panel has a total of ten separate layers that further increases its structural integrity.  The cradle and panel are glued together in a perfectly flat press using a waterproof aliphatic glue. Once cured, the panel is cut square and to the exact size.  It is then sanded, inspected, and wrapped airtight ready to be shipped.

For detailed information and photographs of the Natural Maple Art Panel structure click on to the Five Layer Construction. 


Price List,  Sizes,  Buy Online.


Maple Cradled Art Panels are made in 16 stock sizes and any custom size.


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