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      Art Storage System is for storing art; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, stretched canvas, drawings, framed art, and more.

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Art Boards™ Archival Art Panels are made in Brooklyn NY, USA.

Archival Wood Painting Panels

with a 5 layer construction by
Art Boards™

Art Boards™ Art Panels are engineered for stability.
  Natural Maple Painting Surface Aspen Hardwood Aspen Hardwood Aspen center core

Archival Painting surfaces from Art Boards™.
Wood LAYER :  1

5 layers of wood are glued together in alternating directions with a water proof adhesive.  In the center of the painting panel is a core of aspen hardwood.  Long thin strips of aspen are glued and compressed together to form a striated wafer like core.  This laminated hardwood core gives the artist panel strength far surpassing that of ordinary wood.




Layered Aspen core in the Maple Art Panel.

wood L
ayers : 2 & 3

The art panels construction is further strengthened by gluing 1/4" thick aspen hardwood to the top and bottom of the rigid center core

  Multi layered Archival Painting panels.  

Wood L
ayers: 4 & 5

The painting panels front and back surface is comprised of natural maple hardwood.  The face veneer has no knots, voids or seams.  The 5 ply construction provides balance and prevents movement.  The waterproof glue keeps each layer from expanding or contracting.  Art Boards flawless surface is engineered for stability and longevity, creating the perfect support for painting and drawing.


Art Boards™ Natural Maple Painting Panels are pre-sanded and ready for Art Boards Panel Gesso.  It is the only acrylic artist gesso specifically formulated for rigid painting surfaces.  The gesso is easy to sand and performs like a classic traditional gesso

  Natural Maple Art Panels Hang without framing. Natural Maple painting surface. Art Panel back has hanging slots to hang artwork.


Maple Uncradled Art Panel prices.


  Round wood art panels hang without framing. Round Painting Supports for making Round Paintings.


Maple Round Art Panel prices.


  Natural Maple Cradled Artist PanelsCradle back on natural maple art panel gives paintings extra support.Perfect painting surface of natural maple hardwood. Maple Cradled Art Panel prices.  





100%  Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund on All Orders.

The best Gesso is made by Art Boards™ for wood art panels.

Art Boards™ Gesso for Panels.

Made in Brooklyn.

Archival Art Supplies made in Brooklyn NY

Art Boards does International Shipping.

Wooden Art Panels hang with or without framing.

Archival Art Panels Canvas Stretchers

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