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      Art Mounting of fine art; collage, paintings, drawings, prints, stretched canvas, and drawings.

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  Archival  Mounting of collage paintings and printmaking prints by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.

Archival Mounting of Art by Art Boards™

Custom mounting of large painting made on paper.


Painting on paper archivally mounted to panel
measuring 96" x 132"


The painting "Border Troup" is by artist David Tomb.
Made with
graphite, ink, colored pencil, gouache, and watercolor wash.

The photo below shows the painting as it was originally exhibited before being mounted. It was a collage of smaller paintings made on paper, arranged by the artist and held in place with push pins to form one large painting on the wall.

The painted collage below measures 96" x 132" and is push pinned to the wall.

Painting  by David Tomb titled "Border Troup"  archivally mounted onto panel  by Art Boards™.

Below shows the painting after being mounted onto panel by
Art Boards™

  Archival mounting of large painitng mounted on panel painted by artist David Tomb titled "Border Troup".  The painting on paper was archivally mounted onto panel by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply it is 96" wide x 132" tall.  

Art Boards™
mounted the paintings on 3 separate 32" x 96" cradled panels that were bolted together to make one large 8 x 11 foot painting.  After the mounting process was complete the panels were disconnected, crated and shipped to the American Embassy in Tijuana Mexico to be hung in their permanent collection. 

Art Boards™ Art Mounting is archival and reversible for conservation purposes.

  Painting by artist David Tomb.
Painting was archivally mounted by
Art Boards™ in Brooklyn NY.
  Art is mounted using an archival conservators adhesive.  Mounting is reversible,
so paintings can be removed from the panel for art conservation.

The mounted painting hangs flush on the wall without framing or glass.

mounting of collage, paintings, drawings, prints, and more.

Custom framing is also available from Art Boards™


See Art Boards™ Art Storage System for storing art collections.

Archival Art Mounting of collage, paintings, and prints onto panel by Art Boards™,  located in Brooklyn New York, USA.

Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply

Archival Mounting of Art in Brooklyn NY, USA.



Archival Art Mounting of Collage painting made on paper and mounted onto panel.


  Art Boards™ Archival Art Mounting of paintings onto panel 800 546 7985  

How to archivally mount art made on paper; collage, digital prints, drawings, paintings, and photographs.

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