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      Art Studio Art School Storage Drawers for storing art; art supplies, paintings, drawings, prints, canvas, drawings, framed art, and more.




Art Studio Storage Furniture in school art classroom for making art, teaching art, storing art and art Supplies. Made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.  

Art Studio Storage in
Printmaking Classroom.

  Art Studio Furniture for making art, storing
art, teaching art, and storing artist supplies.


  Art Studio Drawers in art school printmaking classroom made for storing art, and art supplies. Art studio furniture has an extra long work counter surface. This srt studio drawer system was made for an school art classroom by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply, located in Brooklyn New York.  

Art studio furniture on wheels in art school printmaking classroom. Made by Art Boards Archival Art Supply.

  Art Studio furniture drawer system by Art Boards has 33 art studio drawers for storing art supplies and a 20.5' long work counter for printmaking, book arts, papermaking, and more.  

Art studio cabinet drawers with book binding press on top for students and teachers to explore book arts in the printmaking art studio.

  This art studio drawer system is mobile, it has 33 drawers and a 20.5' long x 30" wide art work table counter. Made for art students and their teachers to create and explore fine art in the classroom. The mobile rolling drawer table holds equipment for papermaking, printmaking, book binding, etching, paper cutting, and more. It is a rolling island for making art in the school art printmaking studio and classroom.  
  Art studio storage drawers in a creative arts classroom are 20.5' long. Made for making art, storing art, and art supply storage, by Art Boards™.

  This rolling art studio drawer system has a continuous butcher block work counter for making art, it measures 1.5" thick, 30" wide, and 246" in length. It rolls on 28 locking wheels, and has 33 art studio storage drawers for storing art, and art supplies.  
  The art studio work table top is 20.5' long, and 2.5' deep. It is a mobile art work station for making art in the classroom.


  Art studio furniture storage Cabinetry has 33 art studio drawers, it is 20.5' long, and rolls easily on wheels that lock. Art studio drawers by art boards are for storing art, art materials, art making tools, and artist supplies. Art Studio solutions for making art and teaching art. The art storage system furniture is made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply, located in Brooklyn N  
  Art Boards Art studio drawer cabinet has 33 drawers. It rolls on wheels and stores art, and art supplies. The maple hardwood work counter is 1 1/2" thick, 30" deep, 246" long.


  The art studio furniture rolls on 28 wheels, and has 33 drawers for storage in the art room  The Art storage cabinet drawers in the art school classroom will have printing equipment on top, and art supplies inside the 33 drawers.   The Art studio cabinetry in the school printmaking art classroom will hold printmaking equipment on the counter, and inside will be well organized art and and supplies.  
  The art supply drawer cabinet has 33 drawers and rolls smoothly away from the wall to access the art studio HVAC system, which is located in the wall below the windows, behind removable wall panels.




  The mobile art supply storage drawers in the art studio classroom has an extra large bank of 33 art studio storage drawers. The rolling art school furniture storage system has a continuous butcher block work counter which is 20.5 foot long, and is 2.5 feet deep. The 33 art studio storage drawers and move effortlessly on wheels that lock. Art Boards Art studio storage drawers store art, art materials, art equipment, and artist supplies for creating art in the school printmaking lab.  

Art Boards art studio storage cabinet is 20.5  feet long, and it has 28 wheels for mobility. The extra large art room counter has open spaces on each end for additional art storage.


  Art Studio Cabinetry is fixed in place. It has doors that lock and are keyed for safe storage. The interior has wide adjustable shelves for storing art, and art related materials.  

Art Studio Furniture with locking doors, has wide adjustable interior shelving. The art classroom storage cabinet is 72" long, 25" deep, 30" tall. The furniture is made of maple, with a clear acrylic satin lacquer finish.



  Art School printmaking studio has small etching press work station secured on top of the extra long art studio work table with art storage drawers below. Made in Brooklyn by Art Boards™.  

The small etching press is frequently used for a variety of art projects, and merits a permanent place on the sturdy art studio work table. Made in Brooklyn by Art Boards Archival Art Supply.


  Rolling art work tables enable art teachers and art students to organize and arrange the art studio classroom into a multi purposed printmaking studio.  
  Art Boards Art Studio Tables are rolling work stations for creating art. Permitting instructors to arrange their floor plan with flexibility. Each workshop table is supported by moveable cabinets that stock art supplies for the class room.
  Fabric storage cabinet in art studio classroom has vertical storage compartments for storing rolls of canvas and printed fabrics rolls. Fabric roll storage art studio furniture moves on wheels that lock in place.  
  Compact textile storage bins, include adjustable art studio storage shelves for art necessities in the classroom.
  Art Studio Furniture in Art School Classroom for storing art and art supplies, and for learning art and teaching art.  
  Art studio furniture has upright storage bins for storing cloth yard goods in the art classroom.
  Art Studio Fabric Storage Cabinet on wheels in the art school classroom by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.  


  Art studio fabric storage cabinet made for storing and organizing bolts of fabric, rolls of paper, linens, and artist canvas, in the school art classroom.



  Mobile rolling cabinet for storing bolts of canvas and printed fabric in art studio. Fabric Storage Cabinet has adjustable shelves, fabric bins, and it rolls on wheels that lock. The mobile fabric storage furniture was custom made for a school art classroom by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.  
  Vertical textile storage bins for storing fabric in school art room, and art studio storage shelves for storing art materials.


  Mobile rolling cabinet for storing rolls of canvas and bolts printed fabric in the art studio. The fabric Storage Cabinet has adjustable shelves and wheels. School art studio furniture is designed and produced in Brooklyn New York, by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.  
  Art studio storage shelves have adjustable shelving for storing and organizing art supplies in the art room. And vertical open bins for storing cloth fabric materials for making collage.


  Art room set up for printmaking class has rolling art work tables, art storage shelving, and art storage drawers for storing, and organizing printmaking class materials in the school art department art studio classroom.  
  Art school teaching space uses rolling work tables, and mobile drawers for storing and organizing art, art supplies, and art materials for printmaking.




  Rolling Art Studio work tables set up for art students making mono prints is a art school printmaking class, made by Art Boards™.  
  Art studio is set up for students in the printmaking classroom.


  Art studio school art classroom has several rolling art storage work tables for the art students to make their art projects.  
  Art school rolling work tables for teaching art disciplines.


  Art storage drawers and shelving turn classroom corner in to a valuable storage facility for storing art supplies and art.  


  Art studio flat file drawers are transformed by the maple butcher block top, and the maple art storage shelves on the right.
  Art storage cabinetry on top of stationary flat files for organizing flat art and art materials stored in the drawers below.  
  Art studio furniture has a deep, wide, maple hardwood counter top that covers the metal file drawers, and adjustable art studio shelving to the right and below it.
  How to cover ugly metal flat file cabinets. This maple wood butcher block ads warmth and beauty as it provides a 1.5" thick sturdy work surface for making art in the art studio school printmaking classroom.  


  Art studio flat files are covered by a deep hardwood butcher block work surface. In the rear is an enclosed storage shelf in the niche.
  Hardwood counter and shelving designed by Art Boards™ covers a flimsy flat file metal cabinet, transforming it into beautiful heavy duty work table in the classroom art studio.  


  The maple butcher block counter, and and the maple shelf, convert a standard metal flat file drawers into an aesthetic art room work table.
  Art classroom has collage table, book shelves for art books, and art work counters over standard flat files. All the furniture is made in Brooklyn by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.  


  Art studio work tables are piled with collection of color; assorted papers, and fabrics, for making art collage.
  Art Book library shelving stands next to art supply storage cabinets under interior art room window.


  Shelving for art books, and art studio storage cabinets in classroom for the arts.
  The maple art storage cabinets store valuable art supplies under lock and key. The four tall art storage studio cabinets also have locking doors for art storage. These doors have a bulletin board surface for pinning up drawings, prints, paintings, and classroom information.  



Art supply storage closets have doors that are mounted with grey Forbo; a self-healing bulletin board surface used for pining up art. The art school work table is 4' x 8', and mobile, and there is art studio storage in the cabinets below.


  Art Studio Furniture Desk for art instruction in a creative art school classroom.  


  Art studio furniture is a mobile desk and work table, with art studio storage below. It is 30" x  84" x 36" in height. Custom made by Art Boards in Brooklyn, NY.
  Mobile art studio furniture made for the art professor in this inspired art classroom is 36" tall. It is an essential tool for teaching and exploration of art.  
  Art studio furniture rolls elegantly on it's six locking wheels in the art room.
  Printmaking studio cabinet has adjustable art studio shelving behind doors for storing printmaking supplies, and for storing art in the school art classroom.  
  Art storage furniture has spacious art shelving behind open doors for art and art supplies.
  Art Storage Furniture has fully accessible shelving for art storage, and for storing materials for creating art.  Made in the USA by Art Boards™ Archival Art supply.  
  Art studio furniture has deep wide, shelves that are accessible, and adjustable.
  Art Studio Furniture in the school art classroom. the a large mobile work table is made for creating art, and for storing art, and art supplies  


  Made for the classroom art professor. The rolling art furniture moves any where in the studio.
  School art room has tall art storage closet doors with that lock with keys for secure storage in the school art studio classroom, made by Art Boards™.  

Art studio classroom storage closets include 36 feet of interior shelving for storing art, and art supplies.  

  Additional art studio storage cabinets, and closets are conveniently located in the hallway between the art classrooms.  

Art studio storage closets have locking doors to safely store art, and art classroom necessities.



  School art faculty has an additional 22 linear feet of efficient art supply storage cabinetry in the hallway.  



Art studio storage cabinets in school passage way holds 96 feet of adjustable shelving inside.

  Custom art supply storage cabinet installed under the stairs in art school hallway, made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply in Brooklyn NY.  



Art studio storage in the stair well for storing art, and art supplies behind locked doors.

  Art Boards™ space efficient art supply cabinetry under the stairs in art school hallway.  

Art studio furniture inhabits the space under the stairs efficiently.

  An empty hallway space is transformed into beautiful elevation by well placed cabinetry.  

Art storage cabinet sits nested under the stairs for storing art studio supplies.

  Under stair art storage cabinet has tapered top to match the stairs, made for storing art and art supplies, by Art Boards™.  

Art materials stored under lock and key, transform the space beneath the stairs.

  Art classroom paper storage cabinet has adjustable art supply storage shelves that are 1" thick.  
  Art storage cabinetry and shelving for storing art, art papers, and art supplies. Made by Art Boards™.


  Adjustable shelves for art paper storage in the printmaking art room.  
  Art storage shelves for storing artist papers in the art classroom, by Art Boards Archival Art Supply.


  Art Studio in art school has stainless steel utility sink to clean painting equipment. The sink has a filter system to keep paint from clogging the plumbing system. Art Boards™ cabinetry is removable, and is there to hide the pipes and paint filter, and it doubles as a waterproof surface for storage.  
  Art studio utility sink has a three sided cabinet to cover exposed plumbing filters, and waste pipes.


  Art Studio utility sink has exposed pipes that are covered by a removable cabinet. Art Studio Classroom in art school has stainless steel wash sink for the art students and teachers to clean their painting equipment.
  Before Cabinet. After Cabinet.
  Art Studio Work Table for Art School Classroom has a butcher block top that is 48” x  96” x 1 1/2" in thickness. School Art Studio Classroom has 3 separate rolling art work tables. Each art table rolls on cabinets with doors and shelves for storing art and art making supplies.
  Art work table is 4' x 8' with art storage below.


Art studio work tables
roll on locking wheels
  Art Studio Furniture has 12 art supply storage drawers for the school art classroom. Art Studio Classroom Furniture show drawer interior to store and organize art supplies in the classroom.
  Art storage drawers
& art storage shelves

Art Studio Storage Drawers
organize art room art supplies.


Artist Studio Shelving in School Art Classroom.

  Art studio furniture designed to benefit those who are privileged to study, teach, make, and experience the visual arts.  

Art Studio Shelving in School Art Room.


Art Studio Display Shelves in School Art Room.

  Art Book Storage Cabinet for storing Art Books and art supplies in the art studio art school.
  Art Studio School Shelving.


Art Book Storage in Art
School Classroom Studio.


Art Studio Furniture for School Art Studios

Art Studio Furniture by Art Boards™ Archival Art supply
  Desk with mobile art storage work table for the artist studio.


  Art Studio Furniture made by Art Boards™ in Brooklyn New York. Furniture for making and storing fine art by Art Boards™ Art Supply.

Art Studio Furniture
desk with drawers.


Desk and art paper
storage cabinet.


  Rolling work table for making and storing art. Extra large art storage shelves and work surface for storing flat art in the art studio, and classroom.      
  Furniture for the the art school classroom.       
    Desks, rolling tables, and drawers.  
  Maple Furniture in L Shape for the artist studio, home offices, and business offices. Art Storage Drawers with Lock by Art Boards™       

Art Studio Furniture is made in Brooklyn

by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply

Art Storage Desks & Tables for
making art, and for storing art; For Drawings, Paintings, Prints, Sculpture, Photographs, and more.

Art Storage System by Art Boards™

For vertical storage of fine art.

Archival Art Studio Storage Furniture for School Art Classrooms by Art Boards™, made in Brooklyn New York, USA.

Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply

Art Storage System made in Brooklyn, USA.


Archival Art Storage Solutions for School Art Studio Classrooms, for teaching art, and making art. Custom Classroom Cabinetry for storing art; digital prints, drawings, paintings, photographs, and more.  Made by artists in Brooklyn by Art Boards™.

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