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      Art Storage System is for storing art; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, stretched canvas, drawings, framed art, and more.




Archival Art Studio Furniture for making art, storing paintings, drawings, digital prints, and photographs by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.

Art Studio Tables

on Art School Mezzanine




Art Studio Furniture, for making art,

storing art, and for art education.

  Four Art Studio Tables on an art school mezzanine are rolled together to create two large 48" x 96" tables. Tables roll on wheels and can be used individually as four separate 48" x 48" independent art school storage tables.  

Art Studio Tables 48" x 48" roll together to making 2 large 48" x 96" work tables on school art studio mezzanine.

  Artist work table has deep adjustable shelving behind doors for storing art, artist tools, and art supply materials.  




Art Studio Furniture rolls on locking wheels. The 4' x 4' butcher block top is 32 inches above the floor.  


  Art Boards™ Art Studio Work table has a thick 1.5" maple butcher block top and a rolling art studio storage cabinet below. This art work table is a mobile work station that rolls on wheels that are all locking. All art studio furniture is designed, made, and shipped by Art Boards™ in Brooklyn, New York, 11217. Fabricated for the school art classroom, and for artists studios.  

Art Boards™ Art studio work table has a thick butcher block top which overhangs the cabinetry by 11" on all four sides.

  Art Studio work table is 32" tall, which is a good height for sitting or standing. Art Boards™ Art Studio Furniture is made for artists, and school art studio classrooms.  

Art work tables have locking wheels, knee space for sitting, foot rest ledges, with art studio storage below. Art and art supply shelving are behind cabinet doors  keeping supplies clean and organized.

  Art Boards™ Art Studio furniture is made for the artist studios, art colleges, school art rooms, libraries, and offices. The Art Studio Table is 32" in height, the top is 1.5" thick and made of maple hardwood, and the table rolls on locking wheels. Art Studio Furniture is designed by Art Boards™ for artists, art class rooms, and offices. All products are proudly made in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Ergonomically designed for working seated or standing.


  This Art Studio Work table is 32" in height. The hardwood maple table top is 48" x 48", providing a 16 square foot work surface for making art in the class room art studio. Rolling table for the art studio has adjustable shelving for stoing art supplies and art supply papers.

Art Boards™ furniture is made with sustainable forested natural maple wood. There are no formaldehydes added to any of it's materials. There will be no harmful off gassing on to the art or the environment.

  Four Mobile Art Studio Tables each table measuring 48" x 48" when rolled together will make two larger 48" x 96 " tables for the art classroom.  

Mobile art studio furniture creative art classrooms is designed and made in the USA, by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.

  Two large conference size art studio tables are formed by connecting 4 smaller tables that each measure 48" x 48".  




Two Art Boards™ 4' x 4' tables connect together to make larger 4' x 8' art studio tables on the art mezzanine.



  Each Art Studio Table has adjustable shelving behind doors for classroom studio storage of art, and artist supplies. Custom size furniture can be ordered.  

Art Studio Tables have adjustable shelving behind the doors for storing art and art studio supplies. 

  Art Studio mezzanine furniture with storage below rolls on wheels that lock securely in place. School art mezzanine space has rolling art tables by Art Boards™ for the various school activates that need to take place there. They are 32" tall which works well for sitting or standing. There is ample knee space and foot rests on all four sides of each table. Every table has adjustable art room shelving in the cabinets below, with doors to keep materials clean and organized.

Four 48" square Art Studio Tables roll together making two 48" x 96" art work tables.

  Two 48" x 96" Art Room work tables are located in the school mezzanine floor. They separate into smaller 4' x 4' tables or can be made as long as 4' x 16', 4' by 12', or 8' x 8'. All wheels on the Art Studio Tables are locking. Each table has adjustable storage shelving below.  

Rolling Artist Tables add flexibility to the creative art school studio. Tables are easy to arrange and re-arrange for multiple classroom activities.

  Four 4' x 4' Mobile Art Studio Tables connect to make one larger 8' x 8' art table. Each table has deep adjustable shelving inside.  

Art Studio Furniture Tables are designed by Art Boards™ to be mobile and flexible. Four 4' x 4' tables roll together to become one 8' x 8' Art Studio Table, making a large 64 square foot surface. Each 4' x 4' table has ample space behind cabinet doors for art and art supply storage.



4 Art Studio Tables rolled together make one large 96" x 96" table on the school art mezzanine.




Four 48" x 48" separate rolling art studio furniture nest together to make one 96" x 96" art room table. Tables can also be arranged end to end to make a banquet size table measuring 4' x 12', or 4' x16'

  Four Mobile Artist Tables measuring 4' x 4' nested to make one large square 8' x 8' art table. The hardwood butcher block counter top has a height of 32".  




Art school mezzanine has multipurpose mobile furniture for space planning flexibility. They are ergonomically designed, and all their materials are free of any added formaldehydes. Made in Brooklyn by Art Boards™.

  Modular Art Studio Tables nest together to make one large 8' x 8' art working surface in the schools fine arts department art mezzanine.  

School art mezzanine has rolling art studio furniture that can be reconfigured for different activities. The Art Studio Tables are made by Art Boards™ for art studios, libraries, and schools, to have large work surfaces with storage below. Multiple tables can be pushed together to make a larger counter surface. Designed for and used in art studios, and art classrooms for making art, storing art, and storing art supplies.

  Versatile Art Studio Tables made by Art Boards on school art mezzanine will roll easily on wheels that lock in place.  

Art Boards™ creative solution provides flexibility for this schools art department mezzanine. Art Boards™ designs and produces furniture for school art classrooms, artist studios, offices, museums, home studios, and for conference rooms.


  Extra large art studio work table can be separated in to four individual rolling art classroom tables to suit the art rooms space and needs. Four 48" square art studio table tops nested together to make one 96" x 96" art studio work surface. Custom size art studio furniture can be ordered from Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply, located in Brooklyn New York.

Art Boards™ Art Studio Tables have 24" deep adjustable art storage shelves behind cabinet doors.



  Art Studio Mobile Art Work Tables for making art, storing art, and storing artist supplies. Made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply in Brooklyn NY  

Art Studio Work Tables are for making art, storing art, and art education. Made 32" inch in height for working seated, or standing, by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.



Art Studio Furniture

made in Brooklyn, by
Art Boards™


Art Storage Tables for making and storing art;

Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, & Photography.

The Art Storage System from Art Boards™

For vertical storage of fine art.

Archival Art Storage Cabinets by Art Boards™ are made in Brooklyn New York in the USA.

Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply

The Art Storage System is made in Brooklyn.

Art Studio Furniture for archival storage of digital prints, drawings, paintings, and photographs made by Art Boards™ Archival Storage Systems.

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