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      Art Storage System is for storing fine art; paintings, drawings, prints, stretched canvas, drawings, framed art, sculpture, and more.

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  Art Storage System for storing paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, photos, art supplies and more.
Art Storage System 76.50" wide.




Art Storage System

5 sections:
12", 18", 18", 12", 12".

76.50" wide.
23.75" depth.
99" height.

Price  $2137.00

Price List for all Sizes

Art Storage System for the storage of art for museums, galleries, art collectors, artists, art schools, libraries, and all other collections of Art. Art Storage adjustable shelves lock securely in place.  

Art Storage can be cut down to any desired height at no additional charge.

Below is a list of parts for the Art Storage System pictured above.

More shelves
can be added at any time.

Qty Item Price Total
6 Walls 99" $175.00 $1,050.00
16 Rails 12" $26.00 $416.00
10 Rails 18" $30.00 $300.00
5 Shelves 12"  $31.00 $155.00
6 Shelves 18"  $36.00 $216.00
Art Storage 76.50" Total $2,137.00


Art Storage made by Art Boards to safely store and organize art on paper and canvas.  

Additional shelves, rails, and walls, can be ordered at any time.

To price additional parts; enter all shelves, rails, and walls below, then press calculate.


  Art Gallery art storage Museum Art Storage   The Art Storage System is for storing collections of art; for galleries, museums, artists, art schools, and art collectors.


Walls 99"
Rails 12"
Rails 18"
Shelves 12"
Shelves 18"




Art Storage System stores and protects paintings.
  The Art Storage System is shipped from, and made in Brooklyn NY.

For shipping quotes and to place your order call Art Boards™ 800 546 7985.

To see more Art Storage Sizes click: Art Storage Size and Price Overview.

  Art Storage System for storing and organizing art. Art Storage System for storing art; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, and more.  
Art Storage System as pictured
is 76.50" wide,  99" tall,  23.75" deep.
  Art Storage rolls on wheels and has adjustable shelves to store art. Art Storage shelves adjust in height and lock in place.    
  Price List for every size Art Storage System.    
The Art Storage System is modular,

expandable, adjustable & on wheels.

It is a modular system that can be expanded to any size at any time.
Additional sections, shelves and parts can be ordered as needed.

storage shelves interlock into adjustable stainless steel supports.
Shelves for storing art are secure in their position and cannot slip or tip.

Art storage is open in the front and back to access art from both sides.
Large paintings will slide in or out without restriction from either side.

The Art Storage System can be ordered in single or multiple sections.
Art Storage parts can be added in the future and are guaranteed to fit.

It rolls on wheels that lock in place and can also be ordered with leveling feet.
The Art Storage System is made of furniture grade maple plywood.

The furniture grade maple has a 7 layer hardwood construction.
The Art Storage System is coated with a durable acrylic satin lacquer.

The clear satin lacquer creates beautiful protective finish.
There are no formaldehydes added to the lacquer or the maple.


The Art Storage System is available only from Art Boards Archival Art Supply.

For more information and to place orders call 800 546 7985 or 718 237 2592

For more details and photos click: Art Storage System

View the Art Storage assembly video below

Art Storage by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply

Call 800 546 7985, or 718 237 2592

Art Storage Systems made in Brooklyn for artists, art collectors, galleries, and museums to store and protect fine art.

Art Boards™ Art Storage System

Made in Brooklyn NY, USA.

The Art Storage System is a modular storage system for storing art of any size.

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