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      Art Storage System is for storing art; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, stretched canvas, drawings, framed art, and more.

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  The Artist Panel is for making art.

Architects & Designers use wood

art panels by Art Boards Artist Supplies

  Recessed Hanging Slot to hang the panel on the wall.Solid core Art Panel edge is 3/8" thick.
Photo of the back of the Natural Fiber Artist Panel

This photo shows the handsome solid edge and the recessed dovetail hanging slot on the back of the artist panel.
The hanging slot allows the wood panel to be hung flush on the wall in either direction with out the need of picture wire, screw eyes, or picture framing.  The Natural Fiber painting panel is 3/8 of an inch in thickness.  To view a detail drawing and photograph, and more information on how the hanging slot works see
Dovetail Hanging Slot.

Architects and designers use Art Boards for drawing and painting, and for their architectural model making supplies.   
Architects are using
Art Boards™ panels for the foundation on which to build their architectural scale models.  The panels provide a stable foundation enabling the architect to confidentially make scale model buildings and landscapes directly on the panel.  Making scale models is exacting and precise requiring a solid and square foundation.

Art Boards™ art panels gives the architect and interior designer a base which will accept all model making materials. 
The wood foundation enables the designers to easily construct their interior and exterior designs three dimensionally.  The dovetailed hanging slot allows the scale model to easily mount on the wall for vertical presentation, or for future storage that is space efficient and safe from damage.  Custom size panels can be ordered to make models of any size.

Mosaic artists are using Art Boards™ for making their Mosaics projects. 
The Natural Fiber panel is an ideal light weight support providing the backboard structure needed for for building mosaic art.  The hanging slot solves the problem of how to mount mosaics on the wall.

Art Boards™ Natural fiber panels are used for printmaking. 
Printmakers are using the natural fiber art panels for wood cuts because it carves so freely and easily.  Due to the absence of wood grain it can be carved in either direction with very little resistance.  The panels completely smooth surface is ideal for carving.  The panel absorbs ink evenly making a nice patina that prints very well.


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