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      Art Storage System is for storing art; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, stretched canvas, drawings, framed art, and more.


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Art Boards™ painting supports hang with or without framing.

Oil painting hangs flush to the wall without

the need for framing or picture hanging wire.

  Art Boards™ recessed dovetailed hanging slot.  

Photo of Art Boards™ Oil Primed cotton canvas panel showing the Hanging Slot with a screw interlocked.  The screw head interlocks in to the hanging slot on the back of the canvas mounted art panel to secure it flush to the wall. Super fine portrait cotton is oil primed and archivally mounted to Art Boards™ Natural Fiber Painting Panel. The panel is easily hung without framing, or the 3/8" thick painting panel can be framed.

Art Boards™ now makes floater frames to fit its panels and for custom panels of all sizes.

See how to hang the Oil Primed Painting Panel by viewing the slot diagram drawing

As an alternative to hanging paintings on the wall the art panels can be displayed on any horizontal surface by using Art Boards™ Wood Easel Backs.

Custom size oil primed canvas art panels can be ordered by calling 800 546 7985 


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Made in the USA

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