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     Archival Canvas Mouned Artist Panels for making fine art.

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Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply makes canvas art panels for making art.

Art Boards™ Gesso Primed Canvas Panels.

Paintings hang from the Dovetail Hanging Slots.

Canvas Mounted Art Panels hang snug to
the wall
with or without framing.

See the detail drawing of hanging slots below.

  How to hang a canvas mounted painting panel on the wall.  

Unique dovetail hanging slots enables the gessoed canvas art panel to be hung in either direction.
The acrylic primed painting panel hangs perfectly flush to the wall without tilting away at the top as often happens with picture framing wire. 

Art Boards™ Uncradled Canvas Panels are easy to level, simply slide the art panel horizontally until it hangs strait. The screw or nail interlocks into the dovetail slot to secure the panel tight to the wall. This helps to prevent damage to the art work which is sometimes caused when a painting is accidentally knocked off the wall and hits the floor. There is no need for picture frames, screw eyes or picture framing wire to hang Art Boards archival gessoed painting supports.

  How to hang a mounted painting on the wall.  
The photo above is the back of a Natural Fiber Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvas Panel
showing how a screw interlocks into the dovetail hanging slot to secure the painting panel to the wall.
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Paintings made on Art Boards™ canvas mounted panels can be removed at ay time in the future, the mounting is archival and reversible

Made in the USA


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