Photography Studio Storage in Photo School Darkroom. Photography Studio Furniture in the School, for teaching photography, making photographic prints, and storing photography Supplies.

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      Photography Studio School Storage Drawers and shelving is for storing photographic art, and photo supplies. Made for schools, galleries, and home photo studios.

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Photo Studio Darkroom Storage in Art School for storing photography supplies, and photo prints. Made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Studio Furniture in Brooklyn New York.

Art Studio Storage System for

Photography Studio and Darkroom.


Darkroom cabinetry for processing, printing,

and storage of photographic supplies.

  School Photography Darkroom for making photographs and teaching photography.  

Photo darkroom counters, drawers, and shelves for storing photo supplies are adjustable in height.

  Art Photo Darkroom for exploring the creative world of photography by Art Boards™.       





  Darkroom photography work booths are continuous. The enlarger booths share walls which isolate, and block light reflected from other enlargers.
  Photography School Darkroom has handicap accessible cabinetry for printing and processing photographs in the darkroom.       
  Wheelchair access in darkroom is 2'10" wide.
The counter height is completely adjustable.
  Darkroom enlarger stations are accessible for the handicap. Drawers and shelves are removable for wheelchair access below.       





  Photo darkroom knee space is 26" wide for handicap access. Drawers, shelves, and counter tops are all adjustable in height and they are all removable.
  Art Darkroom enlarger stations and for processing photographic images in school art department for photography.       





Darkroom allows students the creativity to explore the process and art of developing and printing photographs.

  Art Darkroom has sinks and enlarger cabinets for creative art photography.       





  Stainless steel sink for developing trays, and separate sink to rinse and squeegee photographic prints.
  Artist darkroom showing 5 photo enlarger stations along walll in art school darkroom with photography cabinets, drawers, and storage shelves below.       





  Photography studio darkroom has 11 well equipped enlarger stations with photo drawers and shelving.




  Darkroom enlarger stations each have a photography storage drawer for storing photo supplies and equipment in the darkroom. All drawers can be adjusted in height.       
  Darkroom drawers are deep and extend fully for complete access to store photos, tools, and materials.


  Darkroom chemical sink holds photo trays for developing photographs in art department school darkroom.       




  Darkroom photo sink for developing prints is in the center of the darkroom. The sink is accessible from enlarger stations on both sides of the room.
  Photo lab equipment with sink and enlargers for developing, printing, and processing photo art images. Darkroom work tables adjust in height in the photo enlarger booth enabling the enlargers to fit below the ceiling when fully extended.

Photo enlarger custom booths along the darkroom wall.


  Photography darkroom enlarger stations by Art Boards™ makers of fine art studio furniture for schools, institutions, and fine artists. Professional darkroom facilities in photography departments photo lab for the creative use of students and teachers.

Enlarger stations and sinks in the school photo darkroom.

  Darkroom photo work stations to enable creative photography students to better process analog photographic art printing.  

Photography printing cabinets provide ample photo supply storage below for organizing the school darkroom.

  The Darkroom experience is a bit like working being in a submarine.  Everything has to be well organized inside. There is no natural light permitted, safe lights glow and add a degree of warmth and comfort. Those who love it really do love it.  It is an escape into the personal world of one’s own creativity. Darkroom Photography with shelving, sinks, and enlarger cabinets for photo developing, printing and photography storage.

Enlarger stations and sinks in the school photo darkroom.

  Revolving darkroom door at the end of the photo-lab is light tight and large enough for wheel chair access.  


  A rotary entrance door to enter and exit the darkroom seen beyond the photo processing sinks. 
  Photographic enlargers in the school photo lab are for developing and printing visual photo images. Two  walls of well-organized photography enlarging work stations flank the large steel developing sink which is where the magic happens.  

Darkroom developing and print washing sinks are in close proximity to the photo enlarger booths.


  The rotary darkroom door is where the students whirl in from the busy light filled hallway to the tranquil peaceful realm of their photography art darkroom.  

Rotary darkroom door located at the end of the
photo room is light tight for safe entry and exit.


  All Darkroom Cabinets were made by Art Boards™.  More than 32 lineal feet of cabinetry were delivered through this revolving door in parts. And they were re-assembled inside the darkroom in 4 hours’ time.  

All darkroom cabinet parts were delivered through this revolving door, and assembled easily inside the dark room.


Revolving door to enter and exit the photo darkroom in school.

  Art Studio Darkroom storage for storing photography supplies for the photography darkroom. Photo portfolios are safely stored in Art Boards™ Art Storage System.  

Photography Darkroom Storage.


Photography Portfolios stored in
Art Boards™
Art Storage System.



  Photography Studio School Classrooom Storage Cabinets.  

Photo studio storage cabinetry in
art school
photography classroom.



  Photography Studio photo classroom storage furniture in school.  

Photography studio in school photo classroom.




Photo Studio has 30 deep adjustable shelves for storing and organizing student photographic assignments.


Photography Studio Furniture made by
Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply
in Brooklyn NY.


Deep maple butcher block counters in school photo studio has oversize drawers and deep open shelving for each photography student.


Photo Studio Furniture with maple hardwood
butcher block counters,
by Art Boards™


Photography Studio Furniture by Art Boards™ in School photo studio has a long deep counter space for photography equipment, with adjustable shelving and drawers below, and a long hanging book shelf above for storing needed supplies.


Photography Studio Storage Cabinets in
Art school classroom for photography by
Art Boards™.



Photography Studio Storage Cabinets in
School Photography Classroom by
Art Boards™.


Rolling Art Supply Storage Drawers by Art Boards™ for art studios and art schools.


Art Supply Storage Drawers Roll under sink counter.


Art Studio Drawers in photography studio classroom are designed to roll under the stainless steel slop sink. All made in Brooklyn by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.


Rolling Art Storage drawers rolled under the
wash sink in school photography studio classroom.




School photo studio classroom cabinet for storing art supplies in photography classroom. Rolling cabinet with wheels that lock, rolls under the counter to maximize space in the school photo studio.


Photo studio paint storage drawer in classroom by Art Boards™.


Photo shows height of acrylic paint containers stored the art supply storage drawer by Art Boards™.


Artist paint stored above in art studio drawer.


Photo studio book shelves in school photography classroom by Art Board's™.





Open book shelves in photography classroom.



Photo Studio Furniture with 4 locking doors installed in photography studio school classroom.


Photography studio cabinets for storing camera equipment and supplies in the classroom have locking doors.  They are scribed, and screwed to the wall for aesthetics and security.


Camera storage cabinets with locking doors are installed,
and scribed to the photography studio wall for security.



Photo studio storage cabinets have locking doors for safe storage of cameras and photo equipment in a school photography department photography classroom.


Photography Studio Furniture with 6 locking doors installed in photography studio school classroom.


Art storage furniture book shelves in photography school art studio classroom. Made by Art Board's™ in Brooklyn NY, USA.




Photography studio book shelves in school art classroom by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.


Photography art studio furniture is designed to be mobile. This art studio work table is 4’ x 8’, it rolls on wheels, and has cabinet storage below behind doors. It is made for art studios, photography classrooms, and art schools. Fabricated and distributed by Art Boards™ in Brooklyn New York.


Photo studio rolling art work table in photography studio school classroom has a 4’ x 8’ maple hardwood work surface. Behind the doors are deep cabinets for storage of photos, and photography supplies. The foot rest is edged in aluminum, and it rolls on 6 wheels that all lock in place.

  Mobile classroom photography 4' x 8' work and storage table has a foot rest that is trimmed with metal molding made of polished aluminum.  

Aluminum edge on foot rest at the base of the rolling photography art studio work table.


Photography classroom furniture has ample storage below the 48" x 96" maple hardwood butcher block working surface.


Art Studio Furniture by Art Boards™ is formaldehyde free and non-toxic. The materials are furniture grade natural maple plywood, and the counter is a maple hardwood butcher block.


Photography storage cabinets are located next to the school photo studio classroom and the analog photography darkroom.


Two tall photo studio storage cabinets are located between the photography classroom and the school’s analog darkroom. The doors are fabricated by Art Boards™ with a bulletin board surface.


Two Tall Photography Studio Cabinetry with locking art storage doors.  Doors have a bulletin board surface for pinning photos and information.


The photography cabinet doors serve a dual purpose. They are a place to post and exchange images and information, and they keep valuable materials clean and safe behind locked doors. The push pin surface is self-healing; as pins are removed the pinholes will close.


Drop leaf under counter hardware provides full access to butcher block counter folds down out of the way to provide full access electrical panel in the art studio classroom for photography.


Photography studio storage cabinet has a drop leaf counter for access to the utility cabinet door in the wall.


Photography art studio furniture for photo school classroom storage.


Photography furniture counter lifts up to expand the the working space in the school photo studio.


Photo studio storage cabinet with lift up counter extends to increase photography work table surface.


Photo studio butcher block counter top is in the up position for wall to wall photography work space.


Digital photography printing furniture by Art Boards™, has storage for photo equipment and photo supplies in photography classroom.


Versatile photo cabinet becomes work station for printing and storing digital photography in art school classroom.


  Photography storage cabinets in hall next to the school photo studio classroom and the analog photography darkroom. 






Photography storage furniture by Art Boards™ with locking doors, and adjustable shelves for storing photography equipment and cameras in a photo school classroom.



Photo Studio Cabinetry made by

Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply in Brooklyn.



Photography art studio classroom has maple book shelves which organize the photography book collection for their students.


Photo studio classroom shelves for photography books.




Photography Studio Furniture in School
Photo Department Photography Classroom.


  Art Studio Furniture by Art Boards™, made for making and storing fine art; for photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and more.



Art Studio Storage Systems by Art Boards™

For vertical storage of fine art.


Archival Art Studio Storage Furniture for School Art Classrooms by Art Boards™, made in Brooklyn New York, USA.

Art Boards™ Archival Art Supplies and

Art Storage Systems are all made in Brooklyn



Photography Studio Storage in Art School for storing photo supplies, and analog prints. Made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Studio Furniture in Brooklyn New York.

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