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      Art Supplies for storing art, making paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, stretched canvas, drawings, and more.

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Glass Mullers by Art Boards™ Art Supply. Made in the USA.

Art Boards™ Glass Artist Mullers
  Extra Large Size Glass Muller. Large Size Glass Muller. Medium Size Glass Muller. Small Size Glass Muller. Art Boards™ glass mullers are made in 4 sizes.  
  Small Medium Large Extra Large  
Art Boards™
Artist Mullers are hand made of solid glass.


A Muller is used for thoroughly grinding and mixing paint pigments.  Mullers are used by the artist for mixing all pigments into a smooth consistent base, for their own use in fresco or aqueous media or ground in oil for future use.  Used by a wide variety of artists including those doing stained glass painting and fresco painting.  Mullers are used for mixing all paint pigments such as oils, acrylics, tempera, gouache, watercolor and more.

Muller Item # Muller Size Price Buy Online
GM-00 2" base x 3" ht  x   8 oz. $55.00 Buy GM-00    
GM-01 3" base x 5" ht  x 18 oz. $65.00 Buy GM-01    
GM-02 4" base x 6" ht  x 40 oz. $75.00 Buy GM-02    
GM-03 5" base x 7" ht  x 70 oz. $85.00 Buy GM-03    
Grinding Plate # Pigment Grinding Plates Price Buy Online
SGS-00 Square 15" x 15" $75.00 Buy SGS-00    
RGS-01 Round 15" x 15" $85.00 Buy RGS-01    

Sandblasted artist Grinding and Mixing Plates have edges that are beveled and polished. The Glass is suspended above the mixing table on non skid rubber bumpers for stability. Pigment Mixing and Grinding Slab with a sandblasted glass mixing surface. Mixing Plate has a polished bevel edges and rubber feet.  It is used for grinding dry pigments to suspend pigments into liqued mediums.



Sandblasted Square Glass Slab 15" x 15" x 3/8"

Artist Pigment Mixing slab for using with a glass muller. Both round and square Glass Grinding Slabs have edges that are smooth, slightly beveled, and polished. The mixing and grinding surface of the mulling plate is sandblasted to match the tooth on the base of the glass  muller.

These two surfaces when combined with oil or water will process dry pigments into liquid pigments.  Muller and plate will perfectly disburse and suspend the dry pigments into the oil or water based medium. The glass slab has rubber feet to keep it stationary when mulling and mixing pigments,

The Glass Mullers and mixing slabs are made in Brooklyn by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply.

Plate Price is $75.00   To order call 800 546 7985.




Round sandblasted glass plates and Mullers for mixing for disbursing artist pigments.



Sandblasted Round Grinding Plate  15" x 3/8"

For p
roperly dispersing and suspending pigments into artist mediums with a Glass Muller. Grinding plates have rubber feet to to keep them from moving while mixing and mulling pigments.
Plate Price is $85.00   To order call 800 546 7985.



  Large Muller. Small Muller. Extra Large Muller. Medium Size Muller. Art Boards™ family of glass mullers.  

Art Boards
Glass Mullers are Individually made by hand

They are made for artists who want the control of mixing their own pigments. The Mullers may vary slightly in size and weight.


Glass Muller Sizes and Price List


Satisfaction Guaranteed or full refund on All Glass Muller orders.

100%  Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund on All Orders.


Art Boards™ Ships Internationally.

Art Boards™ Artist Materials made in Brooklyn - in the USA.

Made in Brooklyn, New York, USA.


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