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Maple woodcuting blocks for printmaking

Soft maple woodcutting blocks are

sanded very smooth and ready to cut.



Woodcut block is ready for woodcutting tools.


Art Boards™
Maple printing blocks are

Finely sanded and ready for woodcutting.

Each side of the wood cut block is equally sanded to a very fine grit.
Both front and back are ready for wood carving for making woodcut prints. The thickness of the Plank Grain Maple block is .918 inches which is the perfect height for printing in a letterpress or for making prints by hand.

Any size print can be mounted archivally and will hang with or without framing by using Art Boards™ Archival Mounting Panels. Mounting Panels can be made in any custom size.


  Maple Woodcut Printing Blocks:

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Printmaking supplies for the fine artist.

Made in the USA


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